Announcing the E-10 Series

Bringing together the most popular building widths in our almost 40 year history, Winkler Structures is proud to launch a new building series, the E-10. The E-10 series offers 42′, 50′,…

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Winkler Structures offers an ideal solution for fertilizer storage.

Fertilizer storage before planting season

While low temperatures remain in most parts, spring is actually right around the corner. That means farmers everywhere are beginning preparations for planting season.

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38' x 80' Fabric building for equipment storage

Leasing your fabric structure

Did you know that a Winkler Structure can qualify for financing? Few customers are aware that leasing can be a payment possibility when buying a fabric structure. If you’re looking…

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Combat rust and invest in a fabric building for sand and salt storage.

Sand and salt storage options for municipalities

Winter travel can be dangerous, as road conditions can be impacted by snow, sleet and ice.

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Dairy farm facilities must be comfortable for cows on site.

Improving dairy cow comfort during the winter

The bitter cold that is characteristic of the winter months can cause a number of issues for dairy farmers everywhere if they do not have the appropriate shelter prepared for their livestock.

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Storing cold-weather equipment [Video]

From snow blowers and plows to snow mobiles, there are many different types of equipment used during winter.

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Winkler announces partnership with Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives [Video]

As MBFI works to develop the next generation of local agriculture businesses, it found Winkler's innovative spirit to be a perfect match for a productive partnership.

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