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Fabric hangars from Winkler Structures

Whether a plane is owned by a private owner or part of an entire fleet of an aviation enterprise, proper storage is critical throughout the life of any aircraft. A fabric hangar from Winkler Structures provides a solution for both permanent and temporary storage.

Prevent damage from rust and corrosion
According to Aviation Pros, because airplane engines are intended for regular use, storing them requires maintenance and planning. One common issue that plagues stored planes is rust development. While preservation oils are helpful in preventing corrosion and rust, it is imperative that the storage facility used to house the aircraft is durable and protective.

“Customizable vents can ensure proper air circulation that will keep moisture low.”

The all-weather Winkler Structures protect the aircrafts from snow, rain and sleet. Customizable vents ensure proper air circulation that will keep moisture low, which also decreases the chance of rust and corrosion on an aircraft.

Enjoy space to work and maintain aircrafts
AV Web noted airplanes stored along the coasts may need additional maintenance and preparation. Spending time in the storage facility working on prepping engines and keeping aircrafts in optimal condition requires an appropriate workspace.

“Our experience has shown that in regions of high humidity, active corrosion can be found on cylinder walls of new engines inoperative for periods as brief as two days. In engines that have accumulated 50 hours or more time in service in a short period, the cylinder walls will have acquired a varnish that tends to protect them from corrosive action; such engines under favorable atmospheric conditions can remain inactive for several weeks without evidence of damage by corrosion,” noted Lycoming, a major manufacturer of aircraft engines, according to AV Web. “Aircraft operated close to oceans, lakes, rivers and in humid regions have a greater need for engine preservation than engines operated in arid regions.”

A clear span building from Winkler Structures is a great solution that allows owners of planes to easily work and prepare planes for storage. From the translucent fabric roof that allows natural light for a more enjoyable work environment to the customizable building design that has substantial overhead space for maneuvering vehicles and aircrafts inside, Winkler Structures is prepared to provide exactly what is necessary for proper storage and an enjoyable work environment.

Quick install 
When storage needs change it is important to have a shelter that can quickly be erected and deconstructed. Minimal foundation requirements allow for quick construction, and Winkler Structures delivers. In fact, our clear span buildings require 50 percent less construction time for the initial installation.

In addition, all fabric buildings require very little long term maintenance.

A clear span building from Winkler Structures offers an appropriate solution for aircrafts of all shapes and sizes. Its durable fabric protects airplanes inside, and the convenient mobility serves owners well. With a range of door options – fabric, bifold, or steel sliding – there’s an option for everyone.

Reach out to Winkler Structures and construct an aircraft storage solution that’s appropriate for your needs and location.

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