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Covid-19 drive-thru testing shelter

Versatility in times of need

Winkler Structures has created a building package specifically to meet the requirements for rapid Covid-19 testing. Our Covid-19 drive-thru testing shelters are quick to set up and easy to relocate as necessary. We utilize a 18′ x 25′ QuickBuild Utility Garage frame for the vehicle drive-thru. The 2″ galvanized steel frame doesn’t require a foundation and the testing shelter can also be easily mounted to pre-cast concrete blocks for deployment on asphalt parking lots.

Covid-19 Drive-thru testing shelter walkway

We have also added a 7′ x 15′ tunnel to the structure to protect healthcare attendants from the elements while administering the tests. The 12 oz fabric cover is fire retardant. Please note that the frame is an un-engineered temporary structure but engineered design options are available upon request.

A standard Covid-19 testing shelter package includes:

  • 18′ x 25′ open-ended 2″ steel in-line galvanized shelter frame
  • 7′ x 15′ walk-through tunnel
  • Industrial-strength 12 oz polyethylene cover
  • Pipe & ratchet tie down system
  • Anchoring system*

*Can be upgraded to match your foundation requirements

Winkler Structures have over 40 years of proven performance, durability and adaptability. When you need a shelter and you need it now, call Winkler Structures.

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