Benefits of fabric covered buildings for hog farmers

When selecting a hog facility, farmers must evaluate many factors that go into both cost efficiency and animal care.

Fracking equipment storage solutions [Video]

The fracking process is temporary and needs minimize environmental impact, making temporary storage solutions critical.

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Fracking equipment storage solutions from Winkler Structures

Dozens of pieces of equipment and hundreds of trucks are often brought into production sites to complete the fracking process and must be stored with minimal environmental impact.

How open-sided fabric-covered buildings are safer for unloading hay bales [Video]

Because of the heavy weight of hay bales, workers tasked with loading and unloading this material are at risk for injury.

Open-sided buildings increase safety at municipal sand and salt storage facilities

Improper storage and handling can lead to environmental pollution, wasted resources and worker injury.

Common hay storage issues and how to avoid them with Winkler Structures

To minimize hay costs, the material needs to be stored in a way that keeps it dry and protected from the ground.

Safer compost storage with Winkler [Video]

With a climate-controlled, fabric-covered structure from Winkler, farmers can maintain the perfect conditions for large-scale compost production. 

How Winkler Structures can help with storing herbicides safely

While crucial for agriculture production, herbicides can present a threat to human and environmental safety if not properly used and stored.

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