News>>Affordable and durable facilities for mining operations [Video]

Affordable and durable facilities for mining operations [Video]

Mining operations require expensive equipment, so keeping machinery protected all year long is critical.

A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures offers impressive durability against the elements. Unlike traditional steel buildings, the fabric membrane and Allied Gatorshield steel used by Winkler Structures is corrosion resistant.

Designers can incorporate ventilation systems in each building to prevent the build-up of exhaust emissions as well.

In addition, a clear span building is an affordable storage structure that can also be taken down and re-erected quickly, which allows for easy movement from job site to job site. The structures can also be constructed on sloping sites, which saves money for site prep.

To learn more about how Winkler Structures offers the ideal solution for mining facilities, contact Winkler Structures today.

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