Winkler Structures – a versatile storage solution

Winkler Structures truly offer one of the most versatile storage solutions in the market. Our buildings are moveable and customizable depending on the need. Take for example this 35′ x…

Fabric hangars from Winkler Structures

Winkler Structures provides the best solution for aircraft storage. 

How You Can Save with Winkler Structures

Electricity rates are on the rise in Canada. For example, Manitobans can expect an almost 8% increase in 2018 and in Ontario, rate payers are also facing steady increases. While the…

Winkler Structures – Built to Standards You Can Trust

What is CSA-A660? From the CWB: The CSA-A660 Standard was developed at the request of the Canadian steel building system manufacturers and provides assistance to code enforcement officials in the process…

Winkler Structures Covering New Ground

The Winkler Structures dealer network is the backbone of our Structures division. We’ve made a conscious effort to listen and improve our relationships with our best customers, our dealers. And…

Announcing the E-10 Series

Bringing together the most popular building widths in our almost 40 year history, Winkler Structures is proud to launch a new building series, the E-10. The E-10 series offers 42′, 50′,…

Fertilizer storage before planting season

While low temperatures remain in most parts, spring is actually right around the corner. That means farmers everywhere are beginning preparations for planting season.

Leasing your fabric structure

Did you know that a Winkler Structure can qualify for financing? Few customers are aware that leasing can be a payment possibility when buying a fabric structure. If you’re looking…

Storing cold-weather equipment [Video]

From snow blowers and plows to snow mobiles, there are many different types of equipment used during winter.

Winkler’s single-tube engineered Bantam building works well for local projects

Winkler’s expert team of engineers has ample experience designing and building structures for a host of municipal uses