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Winkler Structures – Built to Standards You Can Trust

What is CSA-A660?

From the CWB: The CSA-A660 Standard was developed at the request of the Canadian steel building system manufacturers and provides assistance to code enforcement officials in the process of reviewing building permit submissions incorporating a steel building system, ensuring the purchasers obtain a quality building. All aspects of the manufacturer’s process go through a rigorous audit, including engineering design methods and personnel, materials control, fabrication, warehousing, packaging, shipping, erection documentation, and quality assurance in the plant. Because the manufacturer of these buildings is often remote from the building site and buildings are often sold through a dealer or contractor, and because local code enforcement officials may lack the capability to check the structural analysis of a building, problems may occur in determining the acceptability of such structures. It is the intent of this Standard and the accompanying certification program to help alleviate such problems.

Why You Should Purchase from a CSA-A660 Manufacturer

Since the designer of the steel building system is also the seller, there is no independent third-party representing the interests of the purchaser. The audit and certification requirements of CSA-A660 ensure that the manufacturer is complying with the applicable building codes and design standards, and the public is protected. It’s important to note that not all steel building manufacturers are certified CSA-A660. It’s easy to confuse ISO and their certifications for quality management with CSA-A660 but they are not the same. ISO certification only verifies that a company can manufacture a product consistently and does not satisfy CSA-A660 requirements.

How Can You Find a Certified Manufacturer?

A list of certified manufacturers can be found through the Canadian Welding Bureau. Be sure to check back often as the list is updated as companies are certified.

Winkler Structures takes great pride in their CSA-A660 certification. You can find the CSA-A660 logo on our website and all our brochures to give our customers 100% assurance their purchase meets the standard. Quality is our differentiator in the fabric structures industry and our accreditation ensures that when you purchase a Winkler Structure, whether it be factory direct or from our dealer network, you are backed by the highest industry standards.


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