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Winkler Structures QuickBuild Utility Garage

How the QuickBuild Utility Garage simplifies storage

Winkler’s QuickBuild Utility Garage is durable, easy to install and affordable, built with the same high-grade materials reserved for heavy industry and agriculture.

Why QuickBuild?

With easy assembly, multiple uses and painless teardown, the QuickBuild is the ideal storage solution for consumers and professionals alike. The QuickBuild Utility Garage is available in four standard sizes depending on your needs. In addition, they come standard with a steel roll-up door to allow for easy access, not to mention safe and secure storage of whatever is inside.

The QuickBuild Utility Garage uses a two-inch galvanized single-tube frame, built to order and made to last. The fabric cover is Winker’s specialized fabric membrane, a polyethylene-based material that is strong yet flexible. This fabric allows for enough transparency to eliminate electric lighting during the day. The strength of the fabric membrane also makes it resistant to damage from rain, wind and other severe weather.

Although the QuickBuild Utility Garage is designed with standard dimensions in mind, customers are given a range of choices when it comes to customizing their structure, including different door styles, insulation, ventilation or non-standard sizes. The QuickBuild’s versatility also extends to its ease of installation. The clear span structure can be set up on a number of foundation types, such as:

  • Concrete pads
  • Precast concrete blocks
  • Concrete piles
  • Screw piles
  • Ground anchors or stakes
  • Shipping containers

Even with this broad flexibility in design and construction, the QuickBuild Utility Garage is still considerably more durable than a typical storage building found in a retail store.

Multiple uses

Do you need a place to store animal feed that’s easy to access but protected from the elements? Or is it just a safe and reliable structure you need to keep boats and other recreational equipment protected? Whatever your specific desires, the QuickBuild can almost certainly meet and exceed them. Common scenarios that QuickBuild units find themselves in include:

  • Vehicle storage
  • Recreational equipment
  • Cold storage

No matter how it’s used or where it’s built, the QuickBuild Utility Garage is a cost-effective and long-lasting choice for a storage building. Paired with Winkler’s years of industry experience and expertise, the flexibility of the QuickBuild building series allows customers to designed their own storage solution. The install is effortless, taking less than a day in most cases. The QuickBuild Utility Garage is perfect as a temporary or permanent solution to just about any problem thrown its way.

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