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fabric building with insulation

Don’t block the light in your fabric structure

Applications for the fabric building has evolved over the years from cold storage to heated manufacturing facilities. The need for insulation in these buildings tends to compromise one of the biggest benefits of a fabric structure – the natural light. Traditional insulation blocks the natural light, sags when wet and causes air gaps, rendering the insulation practically useless. Traditional insulation also prevents you from accessing the structural components of your building.

Insulated fabric building

Winkler Structures dealer, Whiteline Shelters, specializes in insulation packages for fabric buildings that keep your interior bright and maintain a comfortable working environment, while still saving on energy costs. The translucent insulated liner allows natural light to filter in, and is attached to the bottom of the truss – protecting your structure’s frame from corrosive environments. The installation process allows access to the structure’s frame for routine inspection and preventative maintenance.

With an insulation package, you can use your Winkler Structure year round and still enjoy all the benefits of a fabric building. Contact your nearest Winkler Structure dealer to discuss insulation options for your next project.



Thank you to Winkler Structures dealer Whiteline Shelters for supplying these photos.
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