Natural Light Benefits in Winkler Fabric Structures

One of the most beneficial aspects of a tension fabric building is the abundance of natural light transferred through the fabric membrane. It not only provides an enjoyable environment for your animals and a safe environment for the people working with them, but it eliminates the need for daytime lighting which in turn provides substantial savings in electricity costs.

Your dairy cows are your livelihood. Providing them with the bright, open atmosphere of a naturally lit fabric barn will not only keep your livestock more content, but it will produce more milk out of your cows. Studies have shown that the more light a dairy cow is exposed to, their milk production will increase. You can achieve this without using costly daytime lighting systems due to the 83% of the natural light being passed through the white fabric cover of our buildings. Even on cloudy days, artificial daytime lighting is not needed and as a result, there has been savings of up to 80% reported on electricity costs. A fabric covered dairy barn will not only save you money, but give you a higher return on your investment.

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Because of the versatility of Winkler’s fabric structures, they have become a popular option for equestrian riding arenas, providing an effective indoor riding space during days of weather extremes. A tension fabric riding arena is 10-15 degrees cooler in the summer or warmer in the winter, meaning an enjoyable riding experience for you and your horses year-round. This, combined with the natural daylight transferred through the fabric cover provides a riding environment that is second to none. Fabric covered buildings are also ideal for beef cattle, hogs, goats, sheep, and any other livestock that require superior protection in a well lit environment.

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Natural lighting is not only beneficial to animals, but to people and their work morale and efficiency. The environments that people work in can highly affect worker productivity. According to a study published in the Summer 2014 issue of Health Environments Research and Design Journal, working in natural light improves mood, performance, behaviour, and psychological health. Work environments with an abundance of natural light increase worker productivity and comfort, and also are necessary in regulating the human circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is a “body clock” that follows a 24 hour cycle, responding to light and darkness in a person’s environment.

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With a tension fabric structure, the natural light permeates the entire cover of the building providing maximum light exposure from anywhere inside the building. Furthermore, the clear-span design of Winkler buildings means no obstructions in the path of the light, and a bright, safe environment for workers even on cloudy days.

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