Keep Your Building Bright When Insulating

Insulating your fabric building offers many advantages and allows your structure to be used comfortably in the colder months. Insulating is an excellent idea for recreational complexes, manufacturing facilities, commercial…

Another building extension for Penn State Construction

Winkler Structures dealer Penn State Construction has done it again – completing another monster building extension. The original structure was a 120′ x 240′ Governor used for commodity and salt…

Announcing the E-10 Series

Bringing together the most popular building widths in our almost 40 year history, Winkler Structures is proud to launch a new building series, the E-10. The E-10 series offers 42′, 50′,…

Fabric covered buildings for recycling operations

A fabric covered building is the perfect solution for recycling operations and their various needs. 

Protecting your fleet [Video]

It's no surprise that safety should be a priority in the trucking industry.

Investing in portable work space

Provide appropriate office space at the job site with a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures. 

A construction hoarding solution [Video]

Each year the construction industry loses $1 billion due to theft and vandalism on job sites. For owners and site managers, finding a secure solution is a top priority.

A fabric covered building: Your solution for construction hoarding

Construction companies must keep supplies safe and secure on each job site. 

Protect against construction equipment theft [Video]

Heavy equipment is an expensive and critical part of running a construction business, so protecting it should be one of your top priorities.

Preventing theft at construction sites with a fabric building

Because construction sites are a popular target for thieves, invest in a proper storage facility for all assets.