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A fabric covered building is the ideal solution for construction companies.

A fabric covered building: Your solution for construction hoarding

For construction companies busy this spring, finding a secure, construction hoarding solution is imperative. While a fence can deter crime, theft at construction sites remains a substantial issue for some companies.

A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures is an ideal, portable solution for increasing security measures on construction sites that can make moving from site to site easier.

Prevent theft

According to For Construction Pros, the industry suffers $1 billion each year in losses due to vandalism and theft. To protect construction operations, investing in appropriate security is critical.

A fabric covered structure can be customized to the unique needs of those working in the construction industry. It can be engineered with security, fastened with appropriate locks, and video surveillance can be weaved into the design.

Invest in safe construction storage 

WiseGeek noted in some regions there are laws in place mandating specific security and safety measures that must be taken. Unauthorized personnel must be kept from entering the job site to protect expensive machinery, tools and materials for the job, and also for the safety and well-being of employees.

Individuals entering a construction site without hard hats or an understanding of the danger may lead to a serious liability.

“Pretty much anything Mother Nature might throw at this fabric building will be endured.”

A Winkler Structure keeps people away from dangerous materials and can be designed for improved management of all on-site supplies. By having a secure spot for machinery and tools, the safety of professionals on the job site is guaranteed.

Natural and artificial lighting 

The specialty fabric used by Winkler Structures allows natural light inside during the day, eliminating the need for artificial lighting. With the money saved on energy during the daylight hours, construction business owners can reallocate the funds for artificial lighting during off hours to deter criminals and reduce the likelihood of theft and vandalism.

Protect supplies 

Unfortunately, theft isn’t the only factor that can damage equipment and leave construction companies at a loss. The elements can rust or destroy expensive materials, tools or machinery. Fortunately, this highly protective fabric is a great solution for keeping whatever is being stored inside the building dry and sheltered. The fabric in a Winkler Structures clear span building is also exceptionally strong. It is designed to withstand pretty much anything Mother Nature might throw at it.

Portable solutions 

A clear span building from Winkler Structures can quickly and easily be moved from one job site to another. In addition, each building can be redesigned to adhere to varying rules and regulations that may be implemented in each territory. The flexibility and portability of a product from Winkler Structures makes the decision easy for construction business owners everywhere.

If you are currently searching for a construction hoarding solution before your busiest season kicks off, look no further than Winkler Structures. Reach out to one of our dealers today and find out how quickly and efficiently we can increase security and safety on your job site.

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