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Announcing the E-10 Series

Bringing together the most popular building widths in our almost 40 year history, Winkler Structures is proud to launch a new building series, the E-10.┬áThe E-10 series offers 42′, 50′, 60′, 67′ wide wall mount fabric structures and longtime customers will recognize the old truss freestanding quonset is back as the E-10 72′ wide. What makes the E-10 line different from other Winkler offerings is that the rafter spacing is set at 12′ across the series and all come with a 10 oz. cover. The building series is still backed by Winkler’s 15 year pro-rated warranty and customers can choose from all the custom options they can count on from Winkler Structures. Door options range from front, back, side entry and man doors. Ventilation and eave kits are also available as well as interior liners and insulation packages. Ideal for low human occupancy applications, like livestock confinement, storage for hay, equipment and machinery storage. The E-10 is also an excellent choice for commercial cold storage. Call your Winkler Structures dealer today and find out how the E-10 can solve your storage problems!

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