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Winkler Structures shipping containers

Investing in portable work space

If you’re looking for a portable work or storage space with endless possibilities, contact Winkler Structures about their fabric sea can buildings. Flexible, durable and comfortable, these fabric buildings can be customized for any job site.

Maximize your square footage

When you incorporate a sea can container into your building design, you maximize the square footage of your Winkler Structure. Use the sea can containers for:

  • washrooms
  • lunchrooms
  • office space
  • meeting space
  • tool benches
  • secure storage

Winkler Structures sea can lunch room

Minimize your footprint

When work on a temporary site is complete, Winkler Structures can be deconstructed and stored in the sea can container. The fabric membrane can be rolled and stored alongside the steel. The containers can be easily  transported with no footprint left behind, making Winkler Structures a natural choice for remote locations and temporary job sites.

Ensure comfort

A Winkler Structure should still be comfortable despite the exterior temperature. Fortunately, a clear span building can be kept 10-15 degrees cooler during the summer and 10-15 degrees warmer during the winter. All buildings can also be insulated to improve comfort even more.

This fabric also allows natural light inside the structure, keeping it airy and bright during daylight hours, while reducing operating costs since artificial lighting is unnecessary during the day.

Unmatched durability

Winkler Structures’ polyethylene material is designed to stand up to any weather condition. From hail to rain, the NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric will keep the interior protected. In addition, advanced UV protective coating keeps the fabric durable and strong despite sun exposure. In fact, Winkler Structures provides a 15-year warranty for all of its buildings.

“Winkler Structures’ specialty polyethylene material is designed to stand up to any weather condition.”

The steel frames used in Winkler Structures also apart from the competition. Allied Gatorshield steel offers superior corrosion resistance. The pure zinc and conversion coating applied guarantees optimal durability.

From vehicle accessibility, plenty of overhead space to customizable ventilation, Winkler Structures has the ideal option for everyone. Companies can feel confident investing in a portable and durable fabric building from Winkler Structures. If you have questions or are  looking for a portable storage solution, give us a call today.

Thank you to Winkler Structures dealer Whiteline Shelters & Tarps for providing these photos.
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