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Recycling facilities can benefit from the use of fabric covered buildings. ,Recycling facilities can benefit from the use of fabric covered buildings.

Fabric covered buildings for recycling operations

To maximize the benefits of recycling, it’s best to minimize operating costs and to utilize an affordable facility.  Winkler Structures can provide an economical solution for everything from processing and sorting facilities to recycling transfer stations. The fabric covered buildings offer premier protection from the elements and can be customized to meet the needs of any customer.

Customizable structures

Operators of recycling facilities can designate the size and number of available entryways. The clear span design makes it easy for trucks to enter and exit the building when unloading and loading materials. In addition, the overhead space available makes it simple for vehicles to maneuver in the facilities.

Fabric covered buildings from Winkler Structures can also be used as storage buildings for equipment and materials used for recycling operations.

Go green in other ways

Recycling is a fantastic way to help the planet. However, individuals can do more when they invest in a clear span building from Winkler Structures. Because the NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric allows a majority of light to pass through it during the daytime hours, there is only minimal artificial lighting required during the day.

The fabric covered building also saves energy, as it stays 10 to 15 degrees cooler during the summer and 10 to 15 degrees warmer during the winter. Customers can also add an insulation liner so the facility can be comfortably used year round, reducing energy costs at the same time.

“The polyethylene fabric used for buildings from Winkler Structures is recyclable.”

In addition, the polyethylene fabric used for the buildings is recyclable. After the fabric covered building’s lifespan is over, the material can be sold or repurposed for money that can also be allocated for further improvement of the recycling program.

These options ensure a recycling operation is running green at all levels..

Durability for cost-effectiveness

Another advantage of building a fabric covered structure is the durability of the materials used. The fabric membrane boasts an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. This helps for more efficient and cost-effective installation.

The material also stands up to everything from wind and rain to snow and sleet. The advanced UV protective coating ensures individuals never have to worry about intense sun exposure impacting the integrity of the building. In fact, each structure is backed by a 15-year warranty.

The Allied Gatorshield steel frame is also impressively durable. While it is a lighter weight tube than many alternatives, it offers up to 33 percent more strength. It can also easily be welded into unique shapes as the coating is 99 percent zinc.

Additionally, the steel can be flattened, bent, cut, hole punched and more without degrading it. There will not be any cracking or flaking of the steel, so individuals know they can count on the quality and strength of Winkler Structures.

Invest savings in more recycling

While helpful for the environment, recycling can be expensive. According to a report from Stanford University, if not done efficiently, it may be even more costly. By investing in a fabric covered building that offers operational energy savings, companies can reallocate funds toward improving their program’s efficiency or expansion.

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