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Winkler Structures – a versatile storage solution

Winkler Structures truly offers one of the most versatile storage solutions in the market. Our buildings are moveable and customizable depending on your needs. Take for example, this 35′ x 80′ QuickBuild K-Style Dome we put up for Children’s Camp International to use for their Harvest for Kids event. This structure went up in just one day. The building used open ends to allow for easy movement of people and equipment throughout the day.

Winkler Structures steel frame and rafters

Winkler Structures Harvest For Kids Fabric Building

A week later, our crew removed the building for a seamless install at its new home. The half moons from Harvest for Kids were easily swapped for a door end with both a man door and AccuTrack door, and a solid end wall.

Winkler Structures Accutrack Door Winkler Structures versatile farm storage solution

That’s the advantage of a fabric structure – it’s a versatile storage solution that can be adapted to any customer’s needs. Check out our Project Portfolio for other building moves, like this greenhouse or this portable housing for a tourism company. We challenge you to move your post frame building or steel shop with this much ease!

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