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Hog farmers must consider both cost efficiency and animal welfare when selecting facilities for their livestock.

Benefits of fabric covered buildings for hog farmers

For hog farmers, proper shelter is essential not only for the animals’ wellbeing but also for consumer relationships. Many customers seek out products from farms that raise their livestock with specific attention to humane housing and management.

When selecting a hog facility, farmers must evaluate many factors that go into both cost efficiency and animal care. By using a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures, farmers have a more humane option while still controlling their costs and maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Cooling and ventilation for animal comfort

As National Hog Farmer reported, heat stress is one critical element farmers must protect their livestock from, especially in the summer. This is critical for pigs because they do not have functional sweat glands to help them efficiently reduce their body heat on their own.

Having a shelter with climate control is crucial for keeping the animals properly cooled. Cooling systems, fans and proper ventilation all help to reduce to temperature in the confinement area to keep the animals and workers more comfortable.

Fabric covered buildings from Winkler Structures can incorporate customized ventilation that enables cooling for hogs. We can custom design our steel frames and covers to allow for a wide variety of ventilation and fan options. Additionally, a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures provides livestock with a shelter that is 10-15 degrees cooler in summer than outside temperatures.

Weather protection and adequate space

According to the Cornell University Cooperative Extension, hogs should have a covered shelter where they can sleep and feed that protects them from inclement weather. This is especially important during breeding, as piglets will be particularly sensitive to weather.

Fabric covered buildings from Winkler Structures are designed to withstand the elements and protect livestock from rain, snow, heavy winds, hail and other extreme weather. With structures that range from 14 feet wide up to 120 feet wide, Winker Structures offer a clearspan building design with adequate room for humane animal raising, including space for piglets and sows to feed safely. Winkler Structures can also be constructed in three to five days and will remain standing for decades.

Buildings from Winkler Structures offer a cost effective solution for humane hog farming. We can also provide financing to qualifying projects. Contact a dealer today to learn more about designing a custom facility with Winkler Structures to meet your farm’s needs.

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