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38' x 80' Fabric building for equipment storage

Leasing your fabric structure

Did you know that a Winkler Structure can qualify for financing? Few customers are aware that leasing can be a payment possibility when buying a fabric structure. If you’re looking to buy a fabric structure for use in your business, consider these benefits when weighing your purchase options.

Save Up Front Costs

Lease payments save you from making one large, up-front payment, freeing up cash flow for day-to-day business expenses, business expansion plans, or unexpected emergency costs. With flexible terms available – our partners offer monthly, quarterly, semi or annual payments, leasing can also help your budget by offering predictable monthly expenses. It’s also important to note that leasing does not prevent access to other forms of credit.

Payments are Tax Deductible

Come tax time, lease payments can be treated as business expenses that can directly reduce the income owing. In many cases, leasing can provide businesses with a full deduction of lease payments against current earnings. It’s always a good idea to check with your tax advisor to get more information and determine how lease payments can impact your business.

Our Leasing Partners

In Canada, Winkler Structures partners with National Leasing for customer applications. Once your application is approved, typically National Leasing will notify us that payment is on its way within 48 hours of your approval. Once the purchase agreement is in place, National Leasing seamlessly takes over the lease application. They contact our sales team to arrange for shipment and install of your building. It’s that easy. The arrangement is similar for our US customers and our leasing partner, Advantage Financial Services.

If you’re shopping for a fabric storage solution, call Winkler Structures today. Not only can we help design a structure to suit your needs, we can also work with you on a payment option that works with your budget.

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