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Winkler Structures offers an ideal solution for fertilizer storage.

Fertilizer storage before planting season

While low temperatures remain in most parts, spring is actually right around the corner. That means farmers everywhere are making fertilizer preparations for planting season.

To reach full growth potential, farmers must apply additional nitrogen to the soil to ensure a full yield potential. Because certain crops pull nitrogen out of the earth, adding fertilizer is critical. Robert L. Mahler, professor at the University of Idaho’s College of Agriculture, indicated there are a wide variety of factors that impact the effectiveness of fertilizer, including:

  • Temperature
  • Soil compaction
  • Soil moisture
  • Application method

Farmers working to provide the highest yield should consider these factors and ensure they spray their fields at the optimal time. While waiting for ideal conditions, consider properly storing fertilizer in a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures.

“A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures can be erected atop an impermeable surface.”

Storing fertilizer
Ag Web, a farm journal, emphasizes the importance of investing in an enclosed shelter that allows for loading and unloading of fertilizer on an impermeable surface. Clear span buildings from Winkler Structures are customized to meet regulations and laws in all regions. Farmers can work closely with Winkler’s design team to ensure the storage facility aligns with current laws regarding fertilizer storage.

Investing in durability 
Because runoff from fertilizer can lead to environmental issues, purchasing a storage solution that is durable is critical. The specialty polyethylene material used in all products from Winkler Structures withstands anything Mother Nature might throw at it. From wind and hail to snow and rain, the NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric will keep fertilizer covered and protected from the elements.

In addition, a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures can be erected atop an impermeable surface, such as concrete or asphalt. This eliminates the possibility of pollution of surface water from stored fertilizer.

Customizing a storage solution
Because each clear span building from Winkler Structures is uniquely designed to fit the needs of each client, farmers can engineer a storage facility for their fertilizer to meet their loading and unloading needs. The high arch of the trusses allow for more overhead room for equipment used to move manure quickly and efficiently.

For farmers looking to improve airflow in the building, vents, windows and doorways can be added to the structure to ventilate the space appropriately.

If you’re waiting for ideal fertilizer application conditions, call Winkler Structures today for more information on a fabric covered building.

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