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Volatile salt and sand prices: Protect your assets with Winkler Structures

Winkler Structures salt and sand building

With your focus set on the fast-approaching summer weather, reflecting upon this past winter isn’t at the top of anyone’s priority list. It’s easy to get caught up in the eager anticipation of summer get- aways at the lake, camping with family and backyard barbecues.

Before you get into summer mode, take a look at this past winter to see how prepared you and your municipality were to handle what was thrown at you. The winter months are continuing to become more and more unpredictable: No matter how prepared you are it never seems to be enough. Add in the volatile salt and sand market and it’s clear now is the time to set up a fabric structure to protect your salt and sand, so you aren’t caught off guard when the snow flies again.

Winkler Structures knows preparation is key to handling any situation that is thrown your way. Boasting 35 years in the business, Winkler Structures understands how valuable your salt and sand are to keeping your community safe. A safe community generates mobile residents who are happy with how their municipality focuses on their sector.

Winkler Structures was founded and continues to flourish in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada — a city with a small-town feel flowing throughout the community. With employees boasting 20-year careers within the company, it’s clear to see how their experience adds value to the quality of the “No Compromise Fabric Structure” Winkler Structures manufactures. While speaking with Rick Knelsen, vice president of sales and marketing for Winkler Structures, it’s apparent how a focus on the overall well-being of each and every staff member is at the root of the company’s values. This internal integrity creates a family-feel environment and enhances the sense of pride employees hold for their work. Employees who take ownership and strive to continually produce the best product on the market means they truly believe your assets are their assets.

Knowing salt and sand prices are on the rise means you need to protect your product and do so in a cost-effective way, which is also made to last. While these ideals may seem out of reach for the average consumer, Winkler Structures’ “No Compromise Fabric Structure” is the ideal solution you are looking for.

A fabric structure from Winkler Structures can be fully operational in as little as one month from your initial meeting with one of their reliable and knowledgeable dealers — that’s about half the time of any traditional building. Winkler Structures is one of the few fabric structure manufacturers in North American capable of offering structure design and manufacturing in a single location. The 60,000-square-foot Winkler Structures facility is where your entire structure, from start to finish, is manufactured. This hands-on, consolidated model allows Winkler Structures to provide uncomplicated service and reduced turn around time. Winkler Structures is also a preferred vendor for many states, making it a reputable choice across North America.

Compared to a traditional structure, Winkler Structures’ fabric structures out-perform their competition. Their “No Compromise” fabric structures exhibit astonishing features:

A Winkler Structures fabric structure costs, on average, 30 percent less than a traditional building. It’s designed using a galvanized steel, which contains a triple-layer rust and corrosion resistance and a high tensile, flame-retardant membrane that provides over 80 percent of natural lighting.

“That allows for a comfortable temperature year-round. It allows for natural lighting: That’s great for long-term energy savings,” said Knelsen. He was also quick to point out studies have proved work morale is increased in a brighter work environment, which is great for you and your staff. Sidewalls and end walls can be customized and built with many desired entries and with multiple types of materials such as steel, paneling and more.

The fabric cover is designed to last more than 25 years and comes with a 15-year warranty. While you may originally purchase a fabric structure to protect your salt and sand, the structures are completely relocatable and can be reused for many applications.

Knelsen can’t stress enough the value you receive for your purchase: “Our relocatable structures are huge and the reason for some people to make the purchase. It’s an investment. You buy it once and use it again for 25 years for multiple locations and applications.” In addition, their structures can be insulated, and complete ventilation and lighting systems can be installed, making your fabric structure function like as a conventional building. Winkler Structures is ISO 9001- and A660-certified and has a Natural Resources Conservation Service-certified designation.

Winkler Structures is an industry leader and is recognized for the highest quality, innovative products and the best level of service in the industry. As a company with a recent re-brand, demonstrating its commitment to adapting new technology and trends as it leads the market, its “No Compromise Fabric Structures” are sure to provide you with the high quality required to withstand the elements, protect your assets and ensure your investment continually outperforms your expectations.

Winkler Structures has already been trusted to cover a combined 15 million square feet since its inception in 1978 — let’s add to that number. No matter what your storage needs are, its “No Compromise Fabric Structures” have the solution.

For information on the many custom fabric structure options provided by Winkler Structures, email or call (800) 852-2638.

This article was originally published in The Municipal Magazine.
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