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Keep Your Building Bright When Insulating

Insulating your fabric building offers many advantages and allows your structure to be used comfortably in the colder months. Insulating is an excellent idea for recreational complexes, manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings and office space. Really, any time weather is a factor or you require heat retention, consider an insulation package from Winkler Structures. 

Traditional insulation packages come in bulky rolls and are labour intensive to install. Once in place, it blocks the natural light – a key benefit to a fabric building and you’ve lost access to the building frame. If it gets wet, it can sag and fall away from the building. This creates gaps in the insulation and allows cold air in, rendering your insulation useless. 

Insulated fabric building

Manufactured by Whiteline Shelters & Tarps, our insulation packages are made with white, polyethylene woven fabric with a layer of bonded polyester in the middle. The insulation is translucent and still allows light transmission. The material is cut to fit your building’s profile and laced to the frame. The panels are then Velcro’ed together to create a vapour barrier. This offers the added benefit of allowing access to the frame for routine inspection and repairs if required. This style of insulation also saves time during install. Since all the measuring and cutting is done at the factory, you save time and labour at the job site. In addition, the polyethylene cover is moisture resistant so you don’t have to worry about gaping insulation.

If you’re considering weather-proofing your fabric structure, don’t lose the light and keep it bright with an insulation package from Winkler Structures.

Thank you to Winkler Structures dealer Whiteline Shelters for supplying these photos.
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