Sand and salt storage options for municipalities

Winter travel can be dangerous, as road conditions can be impacted by snow, sleet and ice.

Winkler Structures Unleashes the Spartan Building Series

Winkler Structures has unveiled the Spartan, a post-fabrication hot-dipped galvanized building series. Specifically designed for heavy commercial and industrial use, the Spartan also features the Winkler-designed Keder cover system. “Winkler…

Open-sided buildings increase safety at municipal sand and salt storage facilities

Improper storage and handling can lead to environmental pollution, wasted resources and worker injury.

Affordable and durable facilities for mining operations [Video]

Mining operations require expensive equipment, so keeping machinery protected all year long is critical

Winkler Structures’ specialty fabric and steel: The perfect solution for salt storage

Winkler Structures offers an appropriate, safe and durable solution for sand and salt storage. 

Salt and sand storage keeps roads safe during holidays [Video]

The holiday season is here and many Americans are likely traveling to visit friends and family to spend quality time with those they love.

Long-term highway bill increases need for road maintenance [Video]

Earlier this month Congress passed a long-term $305 billion highway bill to improve America's infrastructure.

$305 billion highway bill leads to growing need for sand and salt storage

Congress officially passed a 5-year highway authorization bill Dec. 3 – the first time a long-term highway bill has been approved in a decade.

Proper storage of frac sand

According to, frac sand is a crush-resistant, round grain of quartz that is used during the hydraulic fracturing process.

Salt and sand storage for winter roads

Ice and snow are on their way as temperatures drop and Old Man Winter creeps in. Roads can quickly become very dangerous as temperatures dip below freezing. To protect drivers, proper winter road maintenance is necessary.