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Combat rust and invest in a fabric building for sand and salt storage.

Sand and salt storage options for municipalities

Winter travel can be dangerous, and this year is no different as road conditions have been seriously impacted by snow, sleet and ice. According to data by the Federal Highway Administration, from 2004-2013, an average of  739 people die each year in accidents due to snow and sleet. Aditionally, 559 individuals are killed due to icy pavement, according to the 10-year average.

Sand and salt can help ensure safer travel for individuals commuting to work, school and other destinations.

“A fabric building from Winkler Structures offers customizable product for sand and salt storage.”

Salt and sand structures 
A fabric building from Winkler Structures is a highly customizable product for sand and salt storage. With a fabric solution, rusting is a problem of the past. A clear span structure is durable and prevents corrosion, which improves storage capabilities.

Municipalities can personalize the height and entryways of their salt and sand storage facilities to meet their unique needs. For example, Winkler Structures can create large doors that allow trucks to easily and quickly load and unload sand and salt to and from the building. This is invaluable as efficiency during the winter season is critical to improve safety on the roads of communities everywhere.

Minimize environmental impact 
Despite the benefits of salt and sand, improper storage can impact the environmental health of a community. Salt should be stored in a secure area that is covered all year long, according to Public Works. Winkler Structures provides a durable solution with various options for foundations. Concrete or asphalt will serve as an impermeable surface for safer storage of sand and salt.

A canvas building should be regularly maintained and evaluated to make sure runoff does not contact stored salt and impact the environment negatively. Winkler Structures’ products are reliable, durable and most importantly, are of high quality. Customers can trust these products and feel confident their storage of sand and salt products will align with eco-friendly standards.

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