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Turn to Winkler Structures for your fracking needs.

Durable frac sand storage

According to The Wall Street Journal, crude petroleum prices continue to increase as more traders are confident oil supplies will decrease. As of April 28 2016, prices for Brent crude closed just above $46 for the first time since November 2015.

“They’re getting more confident the U.S. [production] number is going to continue to shrink,” noted Peter Donovan, a broker for Liquidity Energy, according to The Journal.

With oversupply waning, the hydraulic fracturing industry may see a slight rise in activity, so when it comes to storing frac sand, industry professionals need a solution that lasts. Fortunately, a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures offers durability as well as affordability.

Turn to Winkler Structures

Winkler Structures specializes in customized clear span buildings for all different types of industries. When professionals look for better ways to keep frac sand protected from the elements, they turn to Winkler Structures.

The specialty polyethylene material makes it quick and easy for construction and deconstruction, which means installation is more affordable than a traditional steel building. The NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric stands up to all weather conditions, including:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Heat

A UV ray protective coating keeps the fabric covered building safe from extreme sun exposure. In fact, Winkler Structures even issues a 15-year warranty for its buildings.

In addition, these structures control dust, which is vital for the storage of frac sand as it offers protection from cross contamination.

Save money on energy costs

When it is necessary to move frac sand or maneuver equipment in a storage building, lighting costs can quickly add up – especially when frac sand mining peaks.

“Gatorshield is also easily welded, which makes it ideal for customized alterations. “

Fortunately, clear span buildings from Winkler Structures allow a majority of the light to pass through the fabric membrane. This translates to impressive savings when it comes to the cost of infrastructure and electricity for the building. In fact, there is no need for any artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Fabric covered buildings can also be climate controlled. Not only does it stay 10 to 15 degrees cooler during the summer and 10 to 15 degrees warmer during the winter, more insulation can be incorporated into the design of each building if necessary. This can save money as there is less need to heat or cool the building.

These structures can be easily deconstructed and relocated, making them ideal for moving from one job site to another. This can save both time and money, which are both valuable resources for any industry.

Invest in a safe product

In addition to saving time and money, fabric covered buildings also have flame-retardant properties. In fact, the specialty fabric passes even the most demanding certification standards such as the following:

  • ASTM E84
  • California Fire Marshall
  • DIN4102
  • NFPA (Large and Small Scale)

The buildings can also be constructed while complying with local building code and engineering standards.

Reap the benefits of Allied Gatorshield Steel

The steel frame used in fabric covered structures sets Winkler Structures apart from the competition. Not only does it stand up to any and all weather conditions, but it also is incredibly corrosion resistant. With triple layer protection, the Allied Gatorshield Steel is smooth and shiny in appearance and provides 50 percent more zinc than other competitors using inline galvanized steel. It is able to offer superior strength in a lightweight package. Gatorshield is also easily welded, which makes it ideal for customized alterations.

Simplify delivery logistics

According to, transporting frac sand to an oil field is one of the key metrics evaluated when determining profitability over time. Because fabric covered buildings can easily be moved from one location to another, industry professionals can relocate closer to an oil field if and when necessary.

The building can also be customized to make loading and unloading frac sand easier. This means sending frac sand to the field can be completed quickly and smoothly. The substantial overhead space also makes maneuvering machinery inside the building easier, so it is simpler to load and unload material.

Reach out to a dealer today to learn more about why Winkler Structures is the ideal solution.

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