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Store frac sand properly this winter.

Proper storage of frac sand

Frac sand is a crush-resistant, round grain of quartz that is used during the hydraulic fracturing process. Demand for this product has increased a great deal as hydraulic fracturing becomes more common.

Staying strong 

Those working in the industry understand the importance of properly storing frac sand. While prices for frac sand have declined, the oil industry remains strong, reported Bloomberg Business.

“I can’t control the price of the commodity,” Brett Pennington, exploration chief, said in a recent interview. “The only thing we can do is get better and faster and cheaper. There’s a general correlation that more sand equates to a better well.”

While frac sand prices are lower, it is even more important to ensure proper storage of these materials – especially as the winter months approach. Losing materials could cost industry professionals notably, and ensuring optimal revenue while prices are low is of paramount importance.

“It is even more critical to ensure proper storage of these materials.”

The premier storage solution 

A fabric structure from Winkler Structures offers industry professionals a premier storage option that protects frac sand and salt from the elements. Combat unpredictable outdoor conditions by protecting assets with a Winkler Structure.

Each structure can be customized to fit the needs of industry professionals within the jurisdiction of all local building codes.

These structures can be outfitted with a variety of additional features to ensure they meet every requirement, demand and desire of the buyer. Steel or canvas roll-up doors and cable doors are a few of the available options.

In addition, Winkler Structures provides a variety of fabrics to choose from. All fabrics are superior, durable and engineered to meet the needs of today’s consumers. From fire-resistant material to polyethylene fabrics, Winkler Structures has an appropriate option for every need. Contact a Winkler Structures dealer for more information and to get started on your project.

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