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Off-season track practice facility solution

Track and field athletes often face a universal dilemma during the colder months of the year. Winter weather often prevents teams from getting in necessary practices, meaning coaches everywhere need to find alternative off-season training.

While there are many suggested solutions out there, many issues and problems accompany them. A fabric building from Winkler Structures provides an affordable, safe and multipurpose alternative to winter training that coaches and athletic directors can feel confident in. A canvas building provides ample space, coverage from the winter weather and can be used for other sporting events as well. Canceled games or sporting events can go on when protected and covered by a durable shield.

Outdoor, hallway and treadmill training are all subpar solutions, but many coaches and trainers may not be aware that a better, more accommodating and long-lasting solution exists: an all-season fabric structure.

The issue with outdoor training

While it might not be the most popular option, especially in colder regions, training outside can be beneficial. However, it is critical to exercise extreme caution to avoid injuries. While long runs with proper gear do not pose much of a threat to the health of runners, sprint sessions can lead to muscle pulls and strains.

If it becomes too cold outside, don’t do speed work in frigid temperatures whenever possible. Avoid sprinting when temperatures hit freezing, noted Stack, a resource for track athletes and coaches.

“If the conditions are such that the athlete is shivering, then training may not be up to standard since shivering (an involuntary muscle contraction) may cause a loss of fine motor control,” said Dr. John Castellani, a physiologist at the U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Thermal Physiology & Medical Division.

Coaches must protect their young athletes as their bodies are developing. Finding alternative options for training that are more suitable and safe should be a priority.

Canvas structure Winter training can be difficult for track runners.

Hallway training problems

All high school facilities have hallways that can be used by track runners before and after school hours. Hallway training allows runners to complete workouts without being impacted by the outdoor elements. However, Complete Track and Field noted safety can be a substantial concern. Collisions can cause a number of injuries. In addition, there is a high risk of injuries occurring in cramped hallways. It is critical for coaches to emphasize the importance of safety to runners, and they must be aware of one another while running indoors.

In addition, the sharp turns in hallways may increase the chances of shin splints occurring. Leaving room for runners to slow down will decrease the chances of injury.

Treadmills and improper training 

Another alternative many coaches turn to for athletes to improve their performance during the colder months is exercise equipment such as treadmills. But these machines can cause issues if not properly used, according RunAddicts. For example, it can be tempting for runners to hold the handlebars while running, however, this can lead to injury. Treadmills can impact their form and fluidity and can lead to neck or back injuries.

Finding the appropriate solution 

While there are a few solutions for track and field athletes during off-season training, there are also downsides to each solution. A healthy mix of various types of exercise techniques is important. In addition, providing enough space for runners to properly train is important.

A canvas building provides an affordable solution that high school track teams can use throughout the entire year. Winkler Structures can customize a fabric building to meet any organization’s need. School districts can invest in an affordable, durable and convenient structure that keeps athletes out of the harsh winter elements that would otherwise inhibit them from off-season training.

The customization of each building allows consumers to install specific types of doors, foundations and ventilation, and these buildings can be erected, allowing coaches to begin practice quickly.

After construction, these buildings serve a variety of other uses by the school, further increasing their value to a school district. In addition to being used for track and field practice, other teams can use the space throughout the year for practices and banquets of all types.

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