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Providing an emergency shelter requires the quick construction of a durable structure.

How fabric buildings can serve as a medical emergency shelter

When a hospital isn’t enough, having a durable and protective facility for health care professionals to address the medical needs of various patients is essential. According to The Medical Reserve Corps, shelter is the key to protect individuals and provide mass care for the population following a disaster.

Because Winkler Structures offers buildings that can be constructed up to 50 percent faster than traditional buildings, these clear span structures provide an appropriate solution during emergency situations.

“Insulation and ventilation options can be customized.”

Ensuring the safety and comfort of all people

According to the Emergency Preparedness Committee, emergency shelters and shelter staff should strive for the most ideal environment. While these emergency shelters will not host surgeries, they may house patients in need of interim care, so a protective, durable and ventilated shelter is critical.

In addition, ensure the shelter minimizes vermin and pests that may increase following a disaster.

Winkler Structures engineers buildings with air-tight environments, which protects the interior from extreme weather conditions and pests that may otherwise impede the medical emergency shelter.

Insulation and ventilation options can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each fabric covered building making it an optimal environment for patients, families and health care providers.

Investing in durability and eco-friendliness

A tension fabric building from Winkler Structures allows light to pass through the fabric material. This translates to major utility savings in the form of reduced electricity bills. During daylight hours there is no need for an expensive light source. The fabric building is both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Safety and durability are a priority for the professionals who engineer fabric covered buildings. Novashield is a polyethylene membrane used for these structures, and it combines both flame retardant properties and UV resistance. All buildings pass proper certification standards, which is of utmost importance for emergency medical shelters.

Each of Winkler Structures fabric buildings can be customized to meet any building code across the globe.

Addressing transportation and mobility limitations 

According to The Medical Reserve Corps, one of the limitations often plaguing emergency shelters is the inability to successfully transport individuals quickly and efficiently from a shelter. A fabric building from Winkler Structures can be engineered with more overhead room for emergency vehicles to easily maneuver inside the shelter and transport patients to a more appropriate health care facility if necessary.

Winkler Structures prides itself in providing the best solution for all industries and their fabric buildings can easily serve as an effective emergency medical shelter. Contact them for more information today.

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