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Winkler Structures livestock barn

Happy, Healthy Cattle in a Winkler Structure

A recent article in Progressive Cattleman, highlighted the benefits of using fabric structures in farming operations; specifically for cattle barns. We were excited to see the story included an interview with a satisfied Winkler Structures customer.

Adam Blume, who runs an operation of over 700 cattle, says: “There ain’t a building out there that’s going to beat a hoop barn for air quality and animal health.” Blume also praises the natural light the building offers and appreciates the clear span design. This set-up has saved them from setting up a bunch of gates to work cattle or clean out pens.

Winkler Structures worked with Blume to customize his livestock building. Traditionally fabric buildings for livestock, or hoop barns, are designed with the feedbunk along an outer edge. Since Blume largely works with cattle alone, it was essential that the entire feeding operation be under one roof. He opted to put the feeder down the middle instead.

Winkler Structures Hoop Barn

Adam Blume in his Winkler Structure

Many ventilation options are available with fabric buildings. The Blumes chose curtain side walls, while another farmer highlighted in the article, went with fans that run in the summer months. Ridge vents are another popular option in livestock buildings.

Cattle Hoop Barn

The article is full of praise for fabric buildings in livestock operations. Both farmers credit the health of their herds and good air quality to their fabric livestock buildings. Blume sums it up best though when he says that “the air quality, animal health, have paid for themselves…a hoop barn gives you a lot of options.”

For more testimonials from Winkler Structures customers happy with their livestock buildings, check out our YouTube channel. And if you’d like to learn more about fabric buildings and their benefits for your livestock operation, contact your nearest Winkler Structures dealer. You may also qualify for financing.


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