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Winkler Structures can provide the ideal solution for riding during the winter.

Riding and training with a fabric building from Winkler Structures

Despite the cold winter months, horses still need regular exercise and training. With a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures, riders can ensure they remain on their training schedule all year long.

Non-slip conditions

According to the online publication, The Horse, while keeping a horse in shape is important all year long, dangerous and slick conditions make it far more difficult. Winkler Structures offers an ideal solution. Because a fabric covered building keeps the elements out, the likelihood of dangerous ice-buildup is slim to none. The specialty polyethylene material withstands everything from snow to wind to rain. Its UV protection coating also ensures the integrity of the fabric building is not compromised. Horses can safely keep up with their training despite weather conditions and slippery outdoor surfaces.

Space to roam

A fabric structure also provides a large and open riding environment. Each building is customizable so horses and riders can experience an atmosphere both will surely enjoy.

“With a fabric covered building, there’s no need for artificial lighting during the day time.”

Whether a client wants a structure to accommodate a riding arena for one person or an entire school of students, the Winkler Structures team can engineer a fabric covered building that meets everyone’s unique needs.

Bright riding arena

The specialty fabric used by Winkler Structures also allows the majority of natural light to pass through the membrane. Not only does this equal substantial savings when it’s time to pay the electricity bill, but it also keeps a bright place to groom and ride horses all year long. These fabric buildings are among the most enjoyable for riders all over the world. With a fabric covered building, there’s no need for artificial lighting during the day time.


Investing in a clear span building from Winkler Structures also gives the customer a climate-controlled space. In fact, these fabric structures are between 10 and 15 degrees warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.

Multiple uses 

While these products are ideal for riding arenas, there’s no limit to their capabilities. Equestrian fabric structures from Winkler Structures can be used for plenty of additional purposes, including:

  • Barns
  • Hay storage
  • Equipment storage

With a pre-engineered building, the customer dictates the design and use of the structure. It’s easy to erect a structure that can accommodate jumpers, hunters, barrel racing and even large clinics for riding schools. Fabric structures can grow along with your school. They are easily extended to accommodate a growing business and additional demands.

Hay storage in a comfortable space

When temperatures drop, energy requirements rise. Additional stress during the winter months can impact the comfort and emotional well-being of the animal.

According to Rutgers University, horses require 1 percent more feed for each degree the temperature falls. More food means horse owners must provide enough storage.

With a fabric covered building, horse owners can design the structure to accommodate additional food storage. The durable and protective fabric material will decrease the chances of mold growing on hay, and ventilation can be added to increase airflow.

Whether you own a few horses or run an entire school that hosts dozens of these beautiful animals, a fabric covered building structure offers an ideal solution for riding and storage during the harsh winter months. Contact your local Winkler Structures dealer for a project estimate today!

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