Winkler offers safe and comfortable facilities for horses [Video]

Proper care of horses requires careful consideration of many factors.

Investing in horse training facilities

Offering high-quality buildings and structures for training and boarding horses is the best way to stand out from the competition.

Fabric covered buildings: The best shelter solution for farrier schools

Schools looking to enroll more people must invest in facilities that meet their needs and appeal to prospective students. Individuals looking to go to farrier school have several options to choose from.

Adding riding space to horse boarding facilities [Video]

When horse owners look for a boarding facility, they search for several things.

Building a clean and safe tack room

Tack rooms should be safe, well-lit and organized, and Winkler Structures can ensure these qualities are present. 

Investing in the perfect riding arena [Video]

If riding schools wish to grow and support a higher number of students, they require an appropriate arena. A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures is an ideal solution.

Providing the best space for riding school students

For an ideal riding arena, schools should invest in a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures. 

Winkler Structures for riding and training [Video]

Despite cold weather and low temperatures, horse owners know they need to regularly exercise their animals.

Riding and training with a fabric building from Winkler Structures

Despite the cold weather during winter months, horses need to be regularly exercised and trained.

2016 Equine Consumers’ Guide Feature

Winkler Canvas was started in 1978 by Dave and Eileen Dyck, in a small shop in Reinfield, Manitoba. From manufacturing and selling truck tarps to fill a market need, over…