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Cow-calf operations may benefit from a fabric structure.

How cow-calf operations benefit from fabric structures

While it might seem like the dead of winter, spring will be here soon, and farmers who operate a cow-calf operation will need to begin planning the management of their herds. Nutrition and management play the most significant role in ensuring cows and young calves are healthy. Alta Genetics indicated proper housing and ensuring comfort is important for every member of the herd from dry cows to milking mothers.

A fabric building from Winkler Structures is a great solution for farmers who have a cow-calf operation and are looking for a suitable place to feed their herd. Despite its lightweight nature, the specialty polyethylene material used for Winkler Structures can withstand just about anything mother nature can throw at it. From wind and hail to damaging UV rays, a fabric building will protect your cattle from outdoor conditions all year long.

“Cows will have a greater milk yield when exposed to a higher number of hours in the natural light each day.”

More natural light exposure

The fabric allows most light to pass through the fabric, which has a number of benefits associated with it. According to a study authored by Geoffrey Dauhl of the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois, cows will have a greater milk yield when exposed to a higher number of hours in the natural light each day. Production efficiency in lactating cattle will also improve.

In addition, the light transparency is beneficial for farmers looking to cut electricity costs. There is no need for artificial light of any kind during the daylight hours with a hoop barn from Winkler Structures.

Climate control is easy

Farmers can keep the interior cooler when the temperature rises, and keep it warm when the weather becomes cold, which is ideal for comfortably sheltering your cows and calves throughout the year. This is critical for the quality of life and comfort of each cow and calf in the herd. Winkler also offers insulation packages that don’t block the natural light for additional climate control.

Fabric buildings offer ideal solution for calving 

When it’s time for cows to give birth, customizable fabric buildings provide ideal solutions for farmers. Each structure is constructed for the unique needs of the customers, so farmers who need to worry about their cow-calf operations can create spaces unique to the birthing experience.

Farmers can also customize stalls so when it is time to wean calves, they can keep cows far away enough from their calves to discourage feeding but still close enough to be aware of one another’s presence, as this can help eliminate the stress caused from premature weaning.

Overhead space improves maneuverability

These pre-engineered buildings offer farmers flexibility and customizable products that can be tailored to any need. For cattle farmers, these buildings can be built to accommodate everything from machinery that needs to be operated inside the structure to stalls for cows and their calves. A fabric structure can house equipment, hay and other feed all in one spot, and the generous overhead room allows farmers to maneuver all materials quickly and easily.

Easily incorporate additional storage space into the design

Storing and being able to move feed for cows and calves is especially important as these animals have changing dietary needs as they continue to age and develop. Having additional resources available throughout the year is critical for successful operation. A fabric building from Winkler Structures can be customized to include more storage space for a back-up supply of clean bedding, supplements, feed and other necessities.

A tension fabric building is protective against many destructive elements. This makes Winkler Structures an ideal solution for farmers in need of additional storage for their cow-calf operation. All supplies will stay in good condition despite any changes in temperature or weather patterns.

If you are preparing for a busy spring season, reach out to a dealer at Winkler Structures and find out more about how a fabric covered building is the best solution for you and your cow-calf operation.

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