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fabric structure for sheep housing

Fabric structures protect sheep health

When building a sheep barn, according to the Alberta SPCA, you must ensure the shelter provides three things – fresh air, light and adequate room to move. By design, Winkler Structures provide all three necessities for a healthy flock and are the natural choice when choosing a sheep barn.

Fresh Air

Good ventilation in a sheep barn is an absolute must. Lamb pneumonia is often related to poorly ventilated sheep barns, while viruses and bacteria thrive in low-quality air and can lead to respiratory and infectious diseases in both lambs and adult animals. Winkler Structures, with their multiple ventilation options can remove harmful stale air and excess moisture naturally. Ventilation can also be built right into the fabric cover to provide free flowing air throughout the building. Large mesh vents can be added to the end walls and structurally supported ridge vents can be built into the roof. We can also add curtain sidewalls that can lift or lower, depending on your preference.

Fabric building for sheep

Curtain Side Walls


Lighting is another key factor to consider when building a sheep barn. Light intensity plays an important role in reproduction cycles and not enough light creates shadows, which can startle the animals and make handling them difficult. Winkler Structures allow almost 100% of natural light to filter into the building which means you won’t have to use harsh artificial light during the day or worry about spooky silhouettes scaring your sheep.

Clear Span Design

Space requirements for sheep vary depending if they have access to pasture but when confined to a building, a bred ewe requires 12 to 16 square feet of pen space. Lambing pens should be 16 to 25 square feet in size. The clear span design of a Winkler Structure means there are no columns to interfere with bedding space or pens.


With a Winkler Structure in your sheep operation, you’ll be giving your flock optimal lighting, freedom to move and above all else, providing good air quality that is so essential to animal health. You don’t have to take just our word for it. Check out the September issue of Sheep Industry News for a profile on one of our repeat customers, Rosehill Lamb. If you’re considering an expansion or upgrade to your current operation, call your Winkler Structures dealer for an onsite visit and quote.

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