Winkler fabric structures are always built to the specifications of the customer. We want your fabric building to fit the exact needs in your industry. During the project planning there are multiple options that can be added to the building with ease. Some of these options are: Doors, Ventilation, Eaves, End Walls, Fabric, Foundation, and Curtains. Because every building is different, we have the right options at competitive prices to make your building work for you.



Ventilation is key to having a climate controlled tension membrane structure. We will custom design the frame work into our steel frame to allow for a wide variety of ventilation and fan options. We will work closely with industry leading ventilation designers to combine their expertise with our customizable frame, ensuring you get the right ventilation for your project every time.

Ventilation can also be built right into the tension membrane to give you free flowing air throughout the building. Canvas can be replaced with large mesh vents on the end walls and structurally supported ridge vents can be built into the roof. Let our experienced design team help you get the ventilation you need at an affordable price.

Eave Kits

Eave attachments ranging in size from 1’ – 6’ and everything in between can easily be designed and attached to your building. We use the same high quality materials that we do in our structures to ensure your investments are protected.

Common Eave Uses

End Walls

The custom nature of our buildings requires a very detailed approach to end walls. Our project managers will work closely with the design team to ensure you get the exact end wall you need to get the job done. We use the same industry leading steel and fabric that we do on our buildings to ensure quality throughout the building. Door sizes, ventilation options, and protection strength are all taken into account when designing our engineered end walls.


A wide variety of fabric options is crucial to provide buildings for every industry. Our No Compromise attitude means we have the fabric option for almost any application. All of our fabric comes from an industry leading supplier that we hold to the same quality standards that our customers demand.

Fabric Options


Our design-build structures can be customized and engineered for almost any foundation. Our project managers will help you decide what foundation is best for your building, keeping in mind cost to strength ratios and ensuring you have a competitively priced total package.

Recommended Foundations