Industry: Commercial

Structure Location: Cochranton, PA

Structure Sizes: 100’ x 260’

Structure Use: Pallet Storage, Wood Chip Manufacturing and Storage, Lumber Storage

Customer: Jacob Weaver Pallet Company

Opportunity: Mr. Weaver needed to extend his existing Winkler Structures to increase storage and production capacity. The quality, fit & finish, and light transmittance of Winkler Structures are key for Mr. Weaver’s needs. Pallets and any other wood products can be stored and dried without spending for electricity or lighting in these buildings. The fact that the lumber is kept dry is key to providing customers with quality wood products that are not weathered. The expanded facility will allow Mr. Weaver to deliver pallets in a more timely manner.

Solution: Winkler Structures dealerPenn State Construction, who completed the original project, worked with the customer to design the building extensions. The original 100′ x 120′ was extended by 140′ and features 15′ high custom legs to provide better clearance for stacking pallets. It also has a side portal that lines up with the adjacent Winkler building, thus providing easy access for forklifts from one building to the other and preventing snow buildup between the structures. This extension features 28 ga. metal sides with steel stud framing between the trusses. This was Mr. Weaver’s choice for the bottom 10’ for the perimeter of the building. If forklifts, pallets, or other materials damage the bottom of the building, they can now replace a piece of metal instead of patching the fabric or even replacing the entire cover.

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