Industry: Commercial

Structure Location: Cochranton, PA

Structure Sizes: 76’ x 208’, 30’ x 60’, 100’ x 120’, 42’ x 48’

Structure Use: Pallet Storage, Wood Chip Manufacturing and Storage, Lumber Storage

Customer: Jacob Weaver Pallet Company

Opportunity: Mr. Weaver needed an economical storage facility to keep a large surplus of pallets and wood chips for customers. He also needed clean, dry storage space for the lumber to manufacture both products.

Solution: Our project manager worked with the owner to provide a high clearance storage solution, allowing them to stock the required quantity of lumber, wood chips, and pallets to properly supply numerous customers. We were also able to work together to come up with an open-sided building to allow for different shipping and unloading docks for pallets, lumber, and wood chips. Most importantly, the material can be stocked and keeps all materials dry and looking brand new!

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