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Winkler visits the Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA Aug. 30 to Sept. 1.

Winkler visits Farm Progress with a special opportunity

The Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa, provides visitors an inside look at the latest agriculture technology and design. Winkler Structures is offering an exclusive chance to bid on a brand new 55 foot by 50 foot fabric structure.

The structure up for auction will be available to view and walk through at Winkler’s exhibition area in lot 3N of the northwest quadrant as part of the Manitoba Trade & Investment block. The Winkler booth gives attendees the chance to learn more about how their unique design techniques and no-compromise specifications meet the needs of a wide range of industry applications.

Fabric structure benefits

A Winkler fabric covered building is more than a tent – these structures are built with state-of-the-art materials to exacting specifications that meet or exceed regulations for wind resistance, snow weight and seismic activity. This is due to support from steel tube trusses, which are superior in durability compared to wood supports found in conventional steel structures. Steel trusses’ ability to withstand corrosion and wildlife is also unparalleled.

Steel gives a Winkler structure strength from the inside, but the outside makes all the difference. Winkler’s NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric covers the frame in a strong yet flexible coating. This type of polyethylene fabric is completely weather-proof but still allows even airflow. Combined with its UV light resistance, this fabric won’t overheat like all-steel structures and will still hold its own in a storm.

Performance where it’s needed

Winkler customers rely on their structure’s strength to shelter and protect whatever is necessary, but they also stand out thanks to their mobility. Set-up and takedown is quick and easy compared to other structure types, a fact one lucky Farm Progress visitor will see first hand when taking home their prize. This high degree of flexibility makes a Winkler Structure an investment with huge cost-saving potential for agriculture professionals.

The winner of the Farm Progress auction will take home a Winkler Structure that includes a solid end wall, two 25 foot by 8 foot roll up curtains, two more curtains measuring 14 foot by 8 foot, and 12, 8 inch thick posts for support. While this particular structure comes as-is, Winkler specializes in custom-design solutions for a broad range of applications and industries. Working with Winkler to create a structure that fits exact needs and specifications is easy and suitable for any budget.

After placing your bid on the Winkler structure, be sure to take advantage of the largest outdoor farm exposition in the nation and visit any of the nearly 600 vendors on site. Visit the Farm Progress Show website to purchase tickets and view a map of the show area ahead of time.

Winkler is looking forward to meeting and speaking with attendees about their business needs, and how a well-designed, precisely-built structure can fulfill them. And if you don’t go home from the show with a building, just give us a call!

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