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The changing price of wheat perpetuates the necessity of an appropriate storage facility.

Storing wheat with a fabric covered building

The wheat harvest for 2015 and 2016 has been quite unusual, which means the need for storage is even more important than any other year. Reuters reported that wheat prices dropped again on Feb. 1 following a rejected shipment from France to Egypt. The shipment did not meet Egypt’s strict new import rules. However, while wheat fell 0.8 percent to $4.75-1/2 a bushel according to the Chicago Board of Trade, the rejection may drive up the cost of wheat.

The Economic Times of India also reported the country will likely experience record high wheat imports this year due to a second consecutive below-average monsoon season. Heat and dry spells have negatively impacted the crop, which may lead to a rise in the price of wheat as this is the second biggest year-on-year dip in nearly 60 years. For North American farmers, storing their crops to wait until a rise in grain value is key for financial success.

” A building from Winkler Structures can be customized to meet farmers’ changing needs.” 

Invest in flexible storage 

A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures allows farmers to erect, tear down and rebuild a storage facility quickly and efficiently. The flexibility of this solution ensures farmers can optimize their acreage, so space can serve other functions when it isn’t used to store grain when prices are low. So after selling wheat once prices rise, an individual can deconstruct a fabric covered building and repurpose the space for additional pasture if they also owns and manages livestock.

In addition, a hoop barn from Winkler Structures can be customized to meet changing needs within the design of the building. If a farmer wants to store grain throughout the year, but also have the ability to shelter livestock, he or she can work with a professional at Winkler Structures to ensure this goal is achieved.

Protect stored grain 

Winkler Structures uses durable, high-quality fabric and steel for all custom-designed fabric covered buildings. The specialty polyethylene material withstands anything Mother Nature might throw its way. Sleet, rain, snow, wind and heat will not negatively impact the quality of stored grain.

While light transparency is a notable benefit of a fabric building from Winkler Structures, it also has a UV coating which ensures the structure protects against the damaging impact of sun exposure. A 15-year warranty signifies Winkler Structures’ trust in its own brand.

Ventilate grain 

Another important aspect of storing grain is having fresh and dry airflow. With Winkler Structures, farmers can customize the placement of vents to keep stored grain dry, preventing higher humidity.

North American farmers searching for a storage facility for their grain after harvest, be sure to contact a Winkler Structures dealer to learn more.

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