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A fabric covered building is perfect for hog operations.

Shelter solutions for hog farms

The hog industry is a massive international market. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. pork exports increased 4.5 percent from 2015 to 2016. To profit from this uptick, farmers should make improving their hog shelters a key focus of their 2016 operation.

A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures is an affordable, flexible and durable solution that creates a hog confinement system that allows animals to thrive.

Keeping it safe

When housing hundreds of animals, it’s important not only keep the hogs safe, but also consider the safety of the humans feeding and caring for them. From fires to manure hazards, keeping everyone safe requires appropriate shelter.

“The Gatorshield, a corrosion resistant steel material, is resilient and durable.”

National Hog Farmer noted farmers must empty manure from pits regularly, as gases like hydrogen sulfide, can pose a significant threat to both the pigs and humans. Methane has combustible qualities that threaten the structure and lives within it.

Winkler Structures uses specialty fabric offers flame retardant properties, and it passes even the most demanding certification standards. Some of these include:

  • California Fire Marshall
  • Large and small scale NFPA
  • UBC31-1
  • DIN4102

The team can also add ventilation and extra doorways to provide farmers with the luxury of easily removing manure and minimizing harmful gases in the space.

With the current debate surrounding environmentally conscious storage and removal of hog waste, investing in a shelter solution that can be customized to responsibly manage manure is of utmost importance. A fabric structure building from Winkler Structures serves as both an ideal solution for sheltering livestock and storing the waste these animals produce.

Farmers can customize the flooring of the storage facility and improve ventilation in the unit to keep the clear span structure safe. The building can also be constructed efficiently and in any location, so farmers can ensure they keep it far from natural water sources.

Durability for years to come

When farmers invest in a fabric covered building from Winkler Structures they are paying for the highest quality materials. The NovaShield Membrane Structure Fabric offers incredible strength-to-weight ratios and stands up to just about anything Mother Nature might throw at it. A 15-year manufacturer’s warranty guarantees the cover and frame, so farmers can have peace of mind knowing the company stands behind its buildings.

In addition, the specialty fabric used by Winkler Structures allows for quick and easy construction. If a farmer wants to relocate the building for any reason, a clear span structure can easily be redeployed.

The Gatorshield corrosion resistant steel is resilient and durable. The process of creating the allied steel utilizes triple layer protection to keep it smooth, shiny and strong for years to come.

Embrace natural light

The fabric used by Winkler Structures is not only durable and flexible, it also allows plenty of daylight to enter the space. This can save a substantial amount of money on energy costs and lighting infrastructure as there is no longer a need for artificial lighting. Farmers can work within the building and easily see throughout the daytime without needing to waste energy on lighting.

Make loading and unloading easy 

Customized fabric covered buildings can have any number of large doors, which makes loading and unloading hogs far easier. With plenty of overhead space, tractor tailors will have no issues backing into the building.

Customized feeding and watering

Because Winkler Structures works closely with every client, farmers can make sure they meet the nutritional needs of their pigs. For example, Farm Sanctuary noted that providing plenty of fresh, clean water must be a priority. Farmers should secure tanks to keep the animals from pushing them over and spilling the contents. A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures can be constructed with a concrete pad so farmers can bolt the water unit to down and reduce the chance of hogs tipping over their water tubs. The same goes for securing feeders.

In addition, farmers can request the construction of additional space to store pre-mixed pig feed, which often promotes healthy growth. The extra space can be utilized by farmers to mix their own.

A fabric covered building offers farmers an ideal solution for their hog operation. From durability, portability and safety options, those who invest in a clear span building from Winkler Structures will raise the healthiest hogs and ultimately increase profits when it’s time to take their animals to market and sell them.

The team at Winkler Structures are ready to help. Call to request a quote today!

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