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Winterize equipment to prevent issues in the future.

Preparing machinery for winter

From tractors to combines to riding lawn mowers, farmers have a great deal of expensive equipment that is necessary to complete their jobs. As cooler weather approaches, it is imperative that farmers prepare their machinery for lower temperatures and harsher conditions. 

Preparing equipment for winter 

According to, prior to storing equipment that you don’t plan to operate during the colder months, individuals should complete a few tasks to make sure the machine runs properly in the spring. Run out the gas tank to avoid any clogging issues and change the oil. It is also critical to add antifreeze or drain the cooling system in preparation for freezing temperatures. The colder weather will likely impact the life expectancy of batteries, so removing them and storing them in a warm location is a good idea. Consumer Reports also suggested ensuring your battery has a full charge throughout the winter season. A trickle charger works well for tractor mowers. In addition, individuals must replace both the fuel and air filters and replace spark plugs if necessary. 

“A warm structure for a farmer’s equipment is important for the longevity of machinery.”

Operating tractors during the winter 

While most equipment must be stored during colder months, farmers still need to use some machinery. North Dakota State University emphasized the importance of adapting to different weather conditions while operating equipment during winter months. 

“Tractor operators should change their driving practices to adjust for winter conditions,” said George Maher, of the NDSU Extension Service. “Problems and hazards are amplified by ice, snow and cold temperatures.”

Proper storage for all equipment 

A warm structure for a farmer’s equipment is important for the longevity of machinery. A fabric structure from Winkler Structures allows you to custom design a building that protects and covers valuable equipment from the elements. All structures are engineered specifically for every client’s needs and offer all-weather protection with minimal foundation requirements. Winkler Structures is an affordable storage option for farmers who need to keep expensive equipment protected throughout the long, cold winter season. An additional bonus offered by a fabric building is its ability to perform as a perfect solution for any machinery used all year long. For those who need to use a tractor for a snow blower during the long and cold months, keeping this equipment out of the elements ensures a longer life expectancy. If you’re looking for seasonal storage solutions, contact Winkler Structures for a quote.

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