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Ensure proper storage of farming equipment during the winter months.

How a fabric structure protects your equipment after harvest season

Following a bountiful harvest, farmers must ensure their machinery is stored and maintained correctly. A fabric building from Winkler Structures is not only customizable, but it can also quickly be erected to provide shelter for equipment.

Investing in shelter

A fabric shelter is a worthwhile investment as it can be engineered to fit any and all equipment. In addition, a clear span building from Winkler Structures provides enough overhead space to easily maneuver inside the building, and enough natural light to conduct maintenance on equipment.

According to Farm Progress, farmers must properly winterize their equipment, otherwise these expensive tools and machinery can lose vitality and slowly degenerate. A fabric building shelters equipment and serves as a spacious and suitable environment for cleaning, observing and maintaining farm machinery.

“A fabric shelter is a worthwhile investment as it can be engineered to fit any and all equipment.”

“Winterizing basics include cleaning equipment first, then changing the oil and filters, checking the cooling system, checking the battery, changing the air filters, topping off the fuel, adding a fuel stabilizer, and properly lubricating or greasing equipment,” said Jim Rossbach, CHS’s director of technical services and quality, according to Farm Progress. “Ideally, farmers should have their equipment all set to go for the next time they need to get into the field.”

It is important that farmers have a building available where they can keep machinery clean and dry in a climate-controlled space. Agronomic Crops Network indicated the best defense for large equipment during the off-season is storage in a dry building. Winkler Structures provides a durable, customizable and appropriate solution for farmers seeking a storage facility for their expensive farming equipment that will guard against rust and corrosion. The materials used by Winkler Structures stand up against moisture, sleet, snow and rain all year long.

Winkler Structures provides a solution

Rust prevention is an important part of keeping all machinery protected, and specialty fabrics from Winkler Structures are the most effective solution. The vapor barriers of the polyethylene membrane provide optimal protection that keeps insulation dry while reducing the energy cost.

Farmer Progress also indicated that protection against the elements is critical to preserve all heavy equipment during the winter months.

“Moisture, UV sunlight, and rodents are the cause of most startup problems in the spring,” said Pete Stout, product manager at Origin Engines, according to Farmer Progress.

The specialty fabric used by Winkler Structures keeps out snow, sleet, rain and hail. In addition, the durable fabric also is UV resistant while allowing natural light into the space, so farmers can work on winterizing and maintaining vehicles during the day without spending money on additional lighting for the interior.

Pre-engineered fabric buildings have a number of benefits associated with them. Farmers who need to store their equipment can take advantage of these benefits by partnering with Winkler Structures.

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