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Responsibly store fertilizer with a clear span building.

Fertilizer storage for farmers

Fertilizer is an integral part of modern farming and storing it properly should be a priority. Having enough space available and investing in a building that will last many years is the most ideal and economical storage solution.  A clear span building from Winkler Structures gives farmers a large space to easily store and mix fertilizers.

Get the most out of fertilizer 

Proper storage that keeps contents protected throughout the year is key for storing fertilizer so farmers can get the most out of their crops each year. To better condition the soil and enrich it with nutrients, many farmers blend different types of fertilizers together. Having a facility that easily allows  this process helps not only with the logistics of fertilizer blending, but also guarantees a more efficient process.

A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures is carefully designed with the farmer’s needs in mind. From making sure there is enough overhead space to operate machinery inside the building, to incorporating plenty of entrances for loading and unloading fertilizer, the sales & design teams work closely with each customer to create the ideal building solution.

Proper ventilation 

Improperly stored fertilizers can give off hazardous fumes. Having plenty of ventilation incorporated in the design of a building should be a priority. Winkler Structures can add a ventilation system that keeps the interior safe for all, whether it be side curtains, fans or ridge vents.

Protection from the elements is key 

One of the major costs associated with farming is fertilizer and the operational costs related to adding nutrients to the land.

To ensure fertilizer remains usable, Minnesota Farm Guide suggested keeping dry fertilizer in a building that provides complete protection from the elements. The specialty polyethylene material used by Winkler Structures stands up to just about any weather condition. From snow to wind and rain, farmers can feel confident in the protection of one of the most expensive assets to their operation.

Environmental concerns 

While fertilizer contributes to rich soil that supports healthier crops, if not properly stored and managed, it can be detrimental to the environment. According to Ag Web, every state has varying regulations and rules in place to protect the environment.

Fertilizer should be kept in a building that doesn’t allow seepage or leaks. If stored fertilizer makes its way to a water source, there may be severe consequences. Winkler Structures can construct buildings on a concrete foundation, which will prevent nitrogen from seeping into ground water.

Winkler Structures can help you design a fertilizer storage facility that meets your needs and abides by local regulations as well. Call today or find a dealer located nearest you to get started.

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