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A fabric covered building

Farm equipment building solutions

While many are enjoying later sunsets and warmer days, farmers are hard at work during another summer season. During long months of planting, growing and harvesting, farmers need to do constant maintenance on their equipment. If the space used for general maintenance is not large enough or no longer adequate, it’s time to upgrade. A fabric covered building from Winkler Structures is the perfect solution for farmers to work in throughout the year.

Winkler: Customizable and cost-effective  
Winkler Structures offers the ideal building for housing heavy equipment because each building can be customized for each individual. The number of and size of doors can be designed with the building’s primary purpose in mind. Endwalls can be added if desired or the customer may opt for open sides or half moons. Ventilation is another customizable option with Winkler Structures.

“The specialty polyethylene fabric is able to protect the interior of the building from hail, snow, rain and wind.”

The transparent fabric also allows most of the light to pass through its membrane. With the daylight illuminating the building, farmers can enjoy substantial savings when it comes to energy costs, as artificial lighting is not necessary during daylight hours.

Winkler Structures also offers insulation packages so that the building can be used year-round. Our unique design ensures that no natural light is compromised and customers can still access the building frame for maintenance and quality checks.

Durable solution for all
Professionals at Winkler Structures have carefully selected the materials used to construct clear span buildings for their impressive quality and resilience.

The specialty polyethylene fabric protects the interior of the building from hail, snow, rain and wind. Heavy equipment being stored or worked on inside will not be victim to excessive moisture, damaging winds or other natural elements that can impact the performance and integrity of expensive machinery.

The UV protective coating also means farmers won’t need to worry about sun exposure degrading the clear span building. A 15-year warranty also guarantees every building’s quality and ability to stand up to the elements.

The Allied Gatorshield steel stands up to all weather conditions and resists corrosion and rust, making it ideal for any building erected on a farm. Engineers at Winkler Structures can also easily manipulate the steel to adhere to any and all building codes across the globe.

Allied Gatorshield steel also boasts a 33% stronger capability than its competitors, so farmers know they are investing in a product that will last through even the toughest of conditions.

High ceilings for maneuvering easily 
Because the number of vehicles a farmer uses and must maintain is so high, it is necessary to house machinery in a large building. However, that shouldn’t be the only consideration. Having plenty of overhead space is great for moving equipment around to address new maintenance needs, rearrange current placement and move vehicles outdoors to complete various jobs.

Winkler Structures is ready to work with farmers who want to design a building that meets all their unique needs. Ask about our financing options, and reach out to a dealer near you to get started.

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