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Backyard chicken farming with Winkler Structures

Backyard chicken farming is steadily on the rise. For some, it’s a family project that allows kids to learn where their food comes from. While for others, the health benefits and a conscious move towards self-sufficiency motivates them to raise their own chickens. Whatever the reason, chickens need to be comfortable year round in order to consistently produce eggs. Winkler Structures has a range of small buildings that are suited perfectly to this backyard adventure.

Comfort in all seasons

Excessive cold or heat will affect egg production. Winkler Structures use NovaShield Membrane Fabric on their buildings. The tensioned cover stands up to extreme wind, rain, hail and snow and provides climate control. Winkler Structures can be up to 10 degrees warmer in winter and 10 degrees cooler in summer. We also offer insulation packages that can keep your chicken coop bright and comfortable in the darkest of winters.

Ventilation is also important in both winter and summer to prevent ammonia build-up. Louvered vents can be added near the top of the structure to keep cool air from blowing directly on the birds and mesh doors can be installed to allow fresh air into the building.

Room to roost

Roosting is how chickens retain warmth – especially in winter. Your coop must have adequate space so that every bird has room to roost so they can feel secure and stay off the cold ground at night. The clear span design and soaring frame heights of a Winkler Structure means you can place roosting bars wherever you like.

Our buildings can be installed on a range of foundations – including base rail with skis. This allows you to easily relocate your chicken coop as required.

Chicken Schooner

Maximize egg production

The goal of any backyard chicken farmer is to maximize egg production. The fabric membrane of a Winkler Structure allows almost 80% of natural light in the building. Why is this important? Daylight stimulates a chicken’s reproductive cycle and production increases when birds are exposed to more light. Hens typically produce more eggs in the spring and summer months because of the longer exposure to sunlight throughout the day. During the darker winter months, the natural light provided can encourage normal egg production while reducing electricity costs.

If you’re looking into backyard chicken farming, or looking to upgrade your current coop, give Winkler Structures a call for pricing today!

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