Industry: Commercial

Structure Location: Chetwynd, British Columbia

Structure Size: 120’ x 120’

Structure Use: Wood Shavings Storage

Customer: Canfor Millwork

Opportunity: Canfor Millwork was looking for a large dry storage area for wood shavings. They needed a roof hatch for a conveyor to drop the shavings through that were coming from another part of the operation. The issue was to keep the wood shavings dry and then process them into wood pellets.

Solution: The custom 4’ x 4’ opening in the roof was the perfect size for their conveyor chute and the 120′ x 120′ fabric structure placed on top of two rows of interlocking concrete blocks gave them significant height for large volume of the wood shavings to be stored and wheel loaders to be able to maneuver inside to further process the shavings into their production of wood pellets.

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