Industry: Equestrian

Structures Location: St. Charles, Iowa

Structure Size: 80′ x 140′ Governor Low Profile

Structure Use: Riding Arena

Customer: Petrichor Farm

Opportunity: Petrichor Farm wanted an arena that was open, airy and inviting, while offering some relief from heat and humidity. The structure also had to be tall to safely accommodate the height of the horse and large jumps. Petrichor Farm came to Winkler Structures through a referral from another riding arena. The customer loved how the Winkler Structure let the natural light in when compared to  steel buildings that tend to be dark, stuffy and trap the summer heat. The customer also noted how well the Winkler Structure handled the noise from frequent rain and stood up to the Midwest weather over the years. The warranty, in addition to the quality of materials and building lead time all influenced the customer’s decision to go with Winkler Structures as well.

Solution: Petrichor Farm selected an 80’ x 140’ Governor Low Profile. The low profile gave the customer the freedom to choose the side wall height. The building was constructed on a 10’ wooden pony wall so riders can safely ride along the walls without fear of hitting the rafters. The building’s arch has a peak height of 34’ and is very photogenic – making it easy to film horses working in the arena.  Steel end walls were added to match the existing barns on the property. Large, 5’ windows were incorporated to take advantage of the farm’s hilltop location and let the summer breeze to come through. 14’ doors were installed at each end to accommodate deliveries, maintenance, and air flow. The arena was finished with TruTex synthetic fiber footing, mason sand, and magnesium hexahydrate over a crushed limestone base.

In the short time since its installation, the building has already withstood 55 mph winds, thunderstorms, a late blizzard resulting in at least 8″ of wet snow, and more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature swing – with no damage!

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