Industry: Commercial

Structure Location: Rideau Hall, Ottawa, Ontario

Structure Size: 60’ x 80’

Structure Use: Temporary structure for overwinter construction work

Customer:  Prestige Design      

Opportunity: The Fountain of Hope at Rideau Hall was undergoing repairs and upgrades as part of a $5 million restoration ahead of Canada’s 150th anniversary. The contractor was looking for a structure to provide shelter so that the restoration work could continue through the winter. Once that inside work had been completed, the structure then had to come down within three days so that other work onsite could resume.

Solution: The Governor Series was selected for the project because the 10 foot side walls offered plenty of room and clearance for the restoration crews. When it came time to dismantle the structure, a specialized long reach man lift was utilized so as not to disturb the fountain work below. The building will be re-installed in June 2017 as a storage building for the National Captial Commission.

More project details are available from Winkler Structures dealer Joey van Koppen, of We Can Contracting.

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