Industry: Tourism/Recreation

Structure Location: Schmok Lake, MB

Structure Size: 14′ x 20′

Structure Use: Portable Housing

Customer: Churchill Tourism group that specializes in ground-level walking tours through the polar bear inhabited regions of Arctic Canada, owning and operating remote lodges on Canada’s Hudson Bay coast.

Opportunity: The customer was looking for an insulated, portable lodging solution for their caribou camp in northern Manitoba. The buildings must be quickly taken down and installed as the caribou make their migration to winter pastures. Due to the remote nature of the camp, the install crew had to be able to set up the building without power.

Solution: For this project, a QuickBuild Utility structure was modified to a 14’ by 20’ frame. The QuickBuild was selected because of its larger tube size, which would help withstand high winds. To address the frigid temperatures of the region, our standard steel roll up door was replaced with an insulated steel door kit, and anti-skid flooring was used. An interior insulation blanket was installed, along with a pipe vent for a stove. Finally, three mesh Velcro windows were built in so that guests could still take in the tundra landscape.

Spring buttons were used instead of screws so that crews could set up the buildings without power. The buttons also sped up install and takedown time so the buildings could quickly be moved, following the caribou herd as it migrates.

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