Industry: Agriculture

Structures Location: Northeast of Winkler & Morden, Manitoba

Structure Size: 30’ x 60’ QuickBuild K-Style Dome & 30’ x 30’ QuickBuild K-Style Dome

Structure Use: Greenhouse

Customer: Prairie Belle Greenhouse

Opportunity: Prairie Belle Greenhouse was founded in 2018. They were looking for a local supplier that matched their vision of providing locally grown bedding & vegetable plants.

Following the completion of the 30′ x 60′ greenhouse, Prairie Belle engaged Winkler Structures to design, manufacture and install a second fabric structure for their retail location.

Solution: For the first location, Winkler Structures went with a 30’ x 60’ QuickBuild K-Style Dome with 6 oz. clear greenhouse material. Prairie Belle needed a larger door to move their plants in and out so a man door and a 9’ x 10’ steel overhead door was added. A curtain system was added so that different parts of the structure could be heated during the growing process. Plant support kits were included for their hanging baskets.

Prairie Belle opted for a smaller structure for their retail location, going with a 30’ x 30’ QuickBuild K-Style Dome with 6 oz. clear greenhouse material. This structure features ground ventilation with a custom roll-up dirt flap and double man door frame. A signature half-moon with the company logo on black 18 oz PVC was also built in.

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