Industry: Agriculture (Poultry)
Structure location: Michigan
Structure size: 72’ x 200’
Structure use: Manure Storage


Our customer needed a building to store chicken manure that is distributed to local farms for fertilizer. They were looking for roughly 6 month manure storage from barns that house layer hens. They needed roughly 9,300 cu. yards of manure storage in the smallest footprint of a building possible, along with the ability to hook into their underground conveyor system that removes manure from the hen houses.


Using a Winkler Structure, because of the high arch of the trusses, we are able to go high enough to run conveyors off the trusses down the length of the building and pile the manure taller using a much lower sidewall than with conventional pole barn framing. Being able to go high with the manure piles means we can keep the length and width of the building minimal and still allow for the storage required. The Winkler building also allows for enough room to put service catwalks alongside the conveyors for easy repair and service without being up in a hot dark truss of a pole barn. Other benefits of the Winkler buildings high trusses are better air flow around the piles for drying and ventilation also with no need for lighting during the day.

“Winkler Buildings are best for manure storage buildings of all types.”

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