Industry: Agriculture

Structure Location: Morden, Manitoba

Structure Size: Original building was 60′ x 48′ – now is 60′ x 60′

Structure Use: Greenhouse/Equipment storage

Customer: DL Seeds

Opportunity: DL Seeds first approached Winkler Structures to build them a custom greenhouse for their plant breeding facility near Morden, Manitoba in June, 2011. Seven years later with the original 6 oz. greenhouse cover nearing the end of its life, they wanted to repurpose the building in a new location and use it for equipment storage.

Solution:The design team at Winkler Structures made a number of changes to the existing building frame. An extra rafter was added to give the customer an additional 12 feet of storage space. The original building only had one endwall since it was butted up against another building. An endwall had to be added with an Accutrack door, while the original endwall was modified to accommodate another Accutrack door. Finally, the building was relocated onto two rows of concrete blocks that gave an additional 4’ of height clearance and a new 12 oz. cover was installed.

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